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    pro reg cleaner hijacked my mcafee


      I can  not uninstall pro reg cleaner... it has hijacked all my dell defender, McAfee. will not allow me to download Trojan killer.. malwarebytes does not detect it. the uninstall program will not work.. it is brings up error..... window installer service could not be accessed... etc.. but uninstalled other spyware that grandaughter got when she installed this Pro reg cleaner.. it came with geeek buddy, p c home. I have tried all in Safe mode ... worked all day,  excuse my explaination.  curser keeps jumping around. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          You may try the following removal Guide:  Remove RegClean Pro (Virus Removal Guide)




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            Peter M

            Do you mean RegClean Pro?   If so the best removal guide is here:  Remove RegClean Pro (Virus Removal Guide)


            Edit: Oops - overlapped posts, well too much help is better than none at all.


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                At least the Op is confident to use the Guide.

              Quick Draw !  I am just contemplating ,how many (Seconds) apart we were?

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                TThe first step.. I cannot do. Windows 8 ...control panel.  Programs.. Clicked on reg clean pro.. Clicked uninstall. Window pops up says..windows installer service could not be accessed ....., but I could uninstall all other spyware that was downloaded at same time.. Geek buddy said same thing. But went into  c: drive and deleted geek buddy file.. Unable to find any file for reg clean pro.. I am not on that computer.. On my i pad at present.. I have done all I know how.. It will not let McAfee run thru scan.. Says un protected. When  click on the secure scan button it clicks right back off too.. Says I'm unprotected. It is late, and very tired.. I am 67 y/o  and forgetful.. Lol ...will make correct notations when I try again tomorrow and will better inform you. Thank you for quick response...I'll write Ex Brit tomorrow... Maybe he will see this post.. this is the first time been on forum so forgive my lack of knowledge.  I did take a repair computer coarse when win. 98 was running. And have researched a lot on net over the years. I am the repair girl for the family...oh by the I hate windows 8 .. It is on my grand daughter computer that we are discussing..( I know that bit of information was vital) thanks again!

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                                    In some instances where a computer becomes exploited/infected, and the culprit(s) are so deeply embedded. One has to re-boot and press F8 continuously (before) the Windows Start-up Splash screen appears, to reach (Advanced Boot Options) and select Safemode/With Networking.


                                     For example Malewarebytes (Free) is designed to be ran in (Normal) mode. Yet in particular cases, such as yours, indeed this may be the case in order to use the Removal tools. Before I go any further, since Fellow Moderator Ex_Brit is more familiar with Windows 8/8.1.  ( I don,t like it either,Btw ) I will step back and think it is best he assists you further.


                                    It seems you indeed have (Reg Clean Pro) installed, along with some other very Nasty PUPS/Adware. Especially (Geek Buddy) which in itself can be very difficult to remove. This program in itself changes critical registry files, and can wreak Havoc on one,s system.


                                   We repeatedly inform Consumers that (Registry Cleaners) do more harm than good.


                                   It seems that your Grand Daughter has inadvertently installed these programs, that are bundled with other undesirable programs. Which can in itself make it even more difficult to remove said such. The removal Guide in which we both recommended should suffice, however after digging much further into your issue.


                  I will insert yet another (Removal Guide) and possibly Peter can determine if to use it or not as well.

                  How to easily clean an infected computer (Malware Removal Guide)


                                     Before continuing any further, Please make certain that you are Current/Up to date with all of your Windows Updates/Add-ons and to include Internet Explorer. Even if you choose not to use it, McAfee and other important programs do in order to function properly.


                                     I assume you have Windows 8.1 installed as well? The last "Update Tuesday was 10/14/2014, Have you installed those patches for various Window products as well? For there were Critical/Important updates to be installed.


                                     I wish you all the very best, and I am certain Ex_Brit will pick this thread up once he awakes .I will leave you with a couple of Articles/Blogs that is most informative. Please ask your Grand Daughter to read.

                  PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics


                                      I might add that you may be so infected, reverting back to an earlier point in time (Before) these programs were installed may be beneficial. (Which will involve making certain all updates/programs/even McAfee are considered current and up to date)


                                      Again, Ex_Brit with his Wisdom/Knowledge can determine.


                  Wishing you all the very best,



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                    Peter M

                    You said "click on the secure scan button" - not sure what you mean there as the regular McAfee software doesn't have such a button.   If you have McAfee Security Scan Plus listed in Programs in Control Panel, please uninstall it.  

                    Look in the last link I posted in my post above, near the bottom it instructs on how to do a Hijackthis log.  One of the specialized forums listed there should be able to help with this.

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                      Peter M

                      I might add that as long as you work from the desktop app in Windows 8 or 8.1 it's similar to earlier systems to get around the computer.  If you need help with Windows 8 there is an excellent help forum here:  Windows 8 Forums


                      There is also software available that will return Windows 8/8.1 to an earlier Windows "look" complete with Start Menu and booting to the desktop directly etc.   Look up Stardock Start8.

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                        Peter M

                        Have you tried booting into Safe Mode and initiating System Restore to go back to before all this started?    It just occurred to me that would be the easiest solution of all if it's available.


                        Tutorials as follows:

                        System Restore - How to Do in Windows 8

                        System Recovery Options - Boot to in Windows 8

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                          Hi sharcraft,

                          I would suggest you contact McAfee's Technical Support agent from the below link whom will help you with the removal of this Potentially Unwanted Program.

                          (Provided you are able to logon to Windows normally)


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