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    Help retrieving outlook express email?


      Had my computer in for service........it was fixed but all my email from outlook express is gone. and windows mail is on machine.   How do I get back my outlook express and get back all my emails?

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          Peter M

          I'm not sure what this has to do with McAfee, it seems more at home on a PC help forum.  I could recommend some if you elaborate on what operating system and service pack (if applicable) you have installed.


          What I can tell you is that Outlook Express died along with Windows XP last April and it sounds like your service shop installed Vista in its place, that is the only system that has Windows Mail.  If that was what happened then they should have done all the file and mail transference for you.


          Please clarify with more details  and maybe I can steer you somewhere better for help with this.


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            Thank you, but they did not transfer outlook express.....I have the external hard drive.....how do I find it, if it's possible?  I'm not a computer genuis by any stretch of the imagination, but I need my outlook express to transfer to windows mail.   How do I get it back?  I did not have XP when I took computer in for repair....I had Vista which I still have, but outlook express was on the computer........now I have windows mail and nothing is there

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              Peter M

              Not sure what the external drive has to do with anything other than maybe backups. I'm afraid it's impossible to have Outlook Express on anything other than Windows XP as it was exclusive to that system.   I included a link above on how to transfer mail from that hidden folder, if it's there.  You are going to have to ask the place that did all this for you as it is them that should be sorting this problem out.   This has nothing to do with McAfee.   I'm sorry.

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                Peter M

                BTW if you need help with Vista I find the following forum invaluable:  Vista Support Forums

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                  Peter M

                  It just dawned on me, do you mean Outlook Mail?   Microsoft Outlook exists in all MS Office suites, is it that to which you are referring?


                  If that's the case we still really can't be of much help as the repair shop should be sorting it out for you as it's them that made the changes.

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                    msinnott wrote:


                    ... all my email from outlook express is gone


                    How do I get back my outlook express and get back all my emails?



                    If you still have your Outlook Express emails they will be somewhere on the hard drive in files having the suffix ".dbx", ".iaf" and ".log". There should also be a file with a ".csv" suffix. If you've got the dbx files you might be able to transfer your messages to another email client, but Outlook Express won't run on anything later than XP and/or IE8 according to the few remaining places from where you might be able to re-install Outlook Express 6.


                    http://www.tucows.com/preview/194179/Outlook-Express :

                    Outlook Express will NOT work with Windows 8, 7 NOR Windows Vista.


                    So do a disk search for any dbx files. If you find them, you have something to work with.

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                      To get back your Outlook Express emails I would suggest you to use deleted email recovery software. Here I would also suggest you to use qualified deleted email recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Deleted email recovery software available at: hxxp://www.stellarinfo.com/deleted-email-recovery.htm


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                        SysInfoTools has designed an advanced DBX Recovery tool for Outlook Express corrupted files. It can easily recover your crucial mail messages from corrupted DBX files as well as those messages which have been accidentally deleted. It supports all major versions of Outlook Express.


                        Outlook Express DBX file is an email client application which help in sending and receiving emails. Being a email client application DBX file may get corrupted due to various reason like virus attacks, crash in system hard disk, sudden cancellation of Outlook Express, abruptly system shut down, interrupted internet connection, etc.


                        More information Visit:: Help retrieving outlook express email?

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