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    Adware-Bprotect help


      Hello everyone.

      I am using Windows 7 x64

      McAfee is telling me that I have "Adware-Bprotect" and McAfee is unable to remove this problem.
      I have been on the internet and googled this problem but have not found a solution.


      What is happening is this "Adware-Bprotect" has somehow effected my computer's ability to get on the internet.

      Even though my computer says I have 100% internet access.

      When on google chrome, (when it does connect to the internet), "Adware-Bprotect" has eliminated my extentions.

      All my protective pop-up blockers, ad blocker, etc. are gone and can NOT be reinstalled.

      "Adware-Bprotect" redirects all my tabs and makes links from words on other pages in other tabs, plus all my pages are covered spammed in ads, pop-up ads and aggressive redirect pages that will NOT let you leave that page.


      I need a solution.

      I though that putting windows into Safe Mode and letting McAfee do a complete scan would fix this but it didn't.


      Anyone have a REAL solution.