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    Chrome Adware or Virus


      Have a program that keeps putting files on my computer.  It keeps changing my browser home page and forces unwanted advertisements.  I did some research and I believe it may be a virus or adware associated with the Chrome browser.  I uninstalled chrome but still found lots of chrome files with names like adpick.


      Anyone have any suggestion?

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          Those are leftover Chrome Download files and the way they are appear there, all around the same time would make me hazard a guess that perhaps a game was downloaded?   Or maybe some similar app that updates a lot.

          They can usually be deleted by rebooting into Safe Mode and manually deleting each one.


          I normally help out on the home product side but, if you want to be sure regarding any possible malware, I would recommend running Adwcleaner and perhaps Malwarebytes Free - both from the last link below.

          To keep the latter free do NOT accept the free trial offer at any stage nor activate the product if asked to.  That way it remains free of charge and all you need to do is update it before each run.


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              Hi whiplash1

              These are files that are started as Downloads by Google chrome. This will happen when Chrome constantly downloads a file but could not complete a single instance. I would suggest to Reset Chrome by following instructions here

              Post back the outcome..!