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    False Artemis!40E6845CF51B


      False Artemis!40E6845CF51B

      How to add a file to the trusted?

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          If you feel that this is Legitimate, please follow the Guidelines/Instructions:

          What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal




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            If your Version of McAfee is (13.6)-(17.6.428) File exclusion is re-introduced. However, you exclude the file at your (Own) risk. It most likely will remain being detected, until McAfee Labs has Cleared/Whitelisted it.


            You also have the discretion to add to your "Trusted" List, However again for your safety I would have it cleared by McAfee first.

            Just my Honest Opinion.


            You can always of course submit it to Virus Total as well. To see if other Anti-Virus Engines similarly detects it as well.




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              I have



              Version 13.6

              Build 13.6.1248


              Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware

              Version 17.6

              Build 17.6.428


              I see trusted list but how I can add any file to it?


              I didn't update program which is with this "Artemis" and program worked fine till last week. When I switch off McAfee and put file manually back to program folder then switch on McAfee and scan folder it don't see any virus but remove file when I start program. When I switch off McAfee and start program then switch on McAfee it work fine and McAfee don't virus it just remove file when I install program or start.

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                As I stated earlier, Your McAfee Ant-Virus may still detect it when trying to open the file.


                Another way to submit it ,is to Download/Install/Save McAfee Getsusp Tool to Desktop Folder.You can obtain this Superb Tool here: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools  Close all browsers/Applications.


                Temporarily Disable Real Time Scanning.....


                Now open your McAfee UI,click Navigation/Quarantined and Trusted Items/Expand Quarantined Items/Quarantined and Potentially Unwanted Programs/Restore. Do not open the program being detected. Now go to your saved folder,and run Getsusp to submit.


                Turn Realtime Scanning back on. You should receive a Work Item ID # confirming your submission.

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                  The .DLL has been analysed and determined to be a non-malicious file. It will no longer be detected by GTI.