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    Family Protection will not allow access to wifi other than our home wifi


      I have installed Family Protection on my kids laptops.  At home, everything works fine over wifi.  My son informed me though that he is unable to connect over wifi when he goes to school, starbucks, etc.  Through windows, the wifi is connecting but then Family Protection won't let him access it.  To test this out, I tried here at home using our home-guest wifi signal.  Again, Windows showed it was connected by then McAfee will not connect and displays a box of 3 options (wifi public hotspot, retry connection, or don't use family protection).  Regardless of what is chosen, it will not let us connect over any wifi other than the first one that was running at the time it was installed.

      How do I get around this issue so that these wifi spots, especially their school, is allowed and Family Protection continue to protect it like it should?