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    Is Mcafee offering complete access protection?



      At my work, we are right now redefining the use of Mcafee. In one of the phase of our planing, we want to ensure that mcafee is offering complete local protection on every PC in this way:

      - From the internet

      - From the local LAN

      - From external drives (USB keys, CDrom, external HD etc...)


      In fact, we want to be able to verify that every type of entry would be verified by Mcafee.


      Is this kind of protection available? I know that some of the protection indicated are obvious. But for others, the USB keys for example, are not necessarily the case. We had a virus coming in from a USB key about three years ago and mcafee was letting him pass though. After some research, we had learned that it was a feature that was missing from the EPO of the time. The computer was reading the autorun.inf file in the USB and was activating the virus. Mcafee was letting him go everytime. I was wondering if this is now settled.


      Have a nice day!