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    MEG and remote agent handler in DMZ



      i have MEG 7.6.2 in DMZ, while in my intranet i have an epo server.

      Because there is a nat beetwen DMZ and intranet, i have to use a remote agent handler installed on a windows server in dmz

      I have seen this guide How to setup a McAfee ePO Agent Handler in DMZ but i do not understand how configure MEG.

      Have i to configure MEG to view epo server and then in epo console put it under systems that have to comunicate with agent handler?



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          Ryan Brady

          You will follow the normal process for integrating MEG and ePO.  However, before you export the connection settings from ePO to import in to MEG, you have to have created the agent handler rules to assign the MEG(s) to the appropriate handler.  Then, once you export the settings, the sitelist.xml file should have the correct connection information for MEG to communicate with your desired handler.