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    McAfee won't open


      Hi, I have been using MacAfee all the way and have recently install Adobe Reader and it comes with security plus.

      I find that security plus redundant so I uninstalled it.

      And then I find myself not being able to connect to the internet through chrome, and chrome advises that my firewall or anti-virus may be in the way.

      While my other devices (smartphone and tablet) can access internet through the same wifi.

      So I went to open MacAfee, but it won't start.


      Am I infected my virus? What can I do?

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          Hi sophie200791


          Sorry to hear you are having an issue opening up your McAfee software.


          I would recommend you make sure you are all up to date with your Microsoft updates and Internet Explorer. If you do not use IE and use another browser please remember McAfee relies on IE to function properly. You also need to make sure you are up to date with Adobe and Java but they often have additional programs bundled within the downloads thus meaning Security Scan Plus and toolbars which I do not recommend. You already have McAfee so no need for Security Scan Plus.


          I would recommend you first runMcAfee Virtual Technician to scan your computer for any McAfee related issues. It will attempt to fix any it may find. You may also need to uninstall the software and reinstall since perhaps the download may have corrupted something.  This link will help with uninstalling and reinstalling the software How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)


          I would recommend you follow the guidelines here McAfee Consumer Products - Types of Support with respect to Technical Support.


          If you need further assistance there is usually a moderator patrolling this forum to chime in to help.


          Good Luck

          Tom K3TG

          McAfee Volunteer Moderator

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            Hi sophie200791

            Please try turning off McAfee Firewall and/or Real Time Scanning so as to isolate if the issue is really with McAfee. Post back your findings to proceed further. I assume you are referring to McAfee Security Scan Plus which is more of a Sales/Marketing tool and can be ignored.

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              I used consumer products removal tool and reinstalled MacAfee. The problem is now solved.

              Thank You

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                That is good to hear Sophie200791


                Should you need assistance in the future rest assured we are here to help.


                Thank you for marking this thread answered.


                Tom K3TG

                McAfee Volunteer Moderator