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    Help required with - EETech disk


      Not new to McAfee (ePol Orch), but very new to EETech disk, and applying to unlock two users.

      So far I have the disk successfully created and have the code of the day.

      What I am not finding is the .xml file, that I have to put onto the USB?

      Where is this located and what is the full name of the file?


      Any assistance greatfully received.

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          Are the machines being managed by the ePO console ?


          If you you need to go into ePO console select the machine   then (4.6)   Actions|Endpoint Encryption|Export Recovery Information.

          You'll then get a link to download the .XML file you require.


          If the machine is missing from ePO obviously you won't have the key's available & it's a case of emergency boot, get the OS booted machine on network etc.