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    Server upgrade from 2012 to R2 with EPO 5.0


      Hi Folks, I'm planning an upgrade from 5.0 to EPO 5.1.1 but also to move from it from windows Server 2012 to windows server 2012 R2.

      My first approach would be to upgrade the server OS, if possible, and later doing an in-place upgrade to EPO 5.1.1. Does anybody had some experience with something like that already?

      The second approach would be, as we are running the system Virtual, to replace it with a new set of a windows Server 2012 R2 and an installation of EPO 5.1.1 with the same server name and IP, so I would not need to migrate the client agents, not sure if that would work at all.

      The last approach is to do a separate installation and migrate all clients, which I think is the most effort.

      I'm looking for some sort of advice or a hint, I simply want to reduce the effort.


      Any Idea is welcome