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    McAffee AV stuck and frozen.  Firewall deactivated on its own.  Please, help.

    Moni Dp

      Please help!


      This morning I was surfing the web with no problem.

      Some hours later I started a security scan.

      All of a sudden McAffee gave me a warning that it had caught a Trojan but I didn't have to do anything myself.

      The message appeared green, not red.


      A while later I realized it only scanned a bit more than 9000 files.

      It got stuck there.

      It is still stuck after 5 hours.

      I got scared thinking about the trojan and downloaded Stinger to see if somehow the trojan managed to escape.

      It's been more than 2 hours.  Stinger got stuck after checking only 90 something files.

      Then I checked McAffee and the whole program is stuck, just telling me the Firewall is disabled (it disabled on its own) and also the Anti-Spam feature.


      I don't know what to do.

      I am scared.


      I checked the Windows Security Center (I am using Vista).   I tried to activate the Windows Firewall but was not able to do it.


      Please, help.


      I am reading previous questions.  I am thinking probably the trojan affected the computer somehow.  I am able to access the Internet with no problems.  But  I have no security at all.  As Stinger also stopped working I will try to use another program recommended here in the document that has several links regarding to malware.  If I find the trojan I will try to delete it.   My OS is Vista and I am using the most basic McAffee AV as it is included as free download program from my Internet service provider.