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    mcafee.py - account lockouts


      Hey all,


      When authenticating to ePO using the mcafee.py client, user accounts are locked out if an incorrect username/password combination is entered. After reviewing ePO's audit logs, I noticed that attempting to login one time via the API produces six failed login attempts to the server. Here is a snippet of Python which is causing my issue:





      epoHostname = <hard-coded hostname>

      epoPort = <hard-coded port>

      username = getpass.getuser()

      password = getpass.getpass("Enter your account password: ")



          mc = mcafee.client(epoHostname, epoPort, username, password)

      except Exception, e:

          if "HTTP Error 401" in str(e):

              print "Invalid credentials"




      Can anyone explain to my why there are six failed login attempts when this runs? I was unable to find any similar issue by searching the forums. I am open to the idea that mcafee.py isn't the problem; any help you can provide would be excellent. Obviously, locking out after one failed attempt by the User renders my script unusable.