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    Possibility of a rootkit infection


      Hi Guys,


      I have a question. I received a spam email a little while ago. Usually I never click on the links in the spam box. But today I was simply being curious. So I did an inspect element on the link in the spam email. And  then tried to check it in Norton Safe Web. Norton Safe Web suggested it has no threats at all. But some how I was not convinced. So I thought  there may be a space or something in the link that I pasted in the search bar in Norton Safe Web. So in order to remove the space when I clicked on the link. The link was active. I mean how would you have ever imagined that the link in the search bar will be active considering the fact that any thing in the search box, should be in plain text. And as soon as I inadvertently clicked on it. It opened a new window with a small twitter button on it. I immediately closed the window. But then all of a sudden my internet got disconnected.


      So I had to restart my wify router. And it was backup. Since then there has been no untoward behaviour happening on my computer. But this very incident where the internet got disconnected, is making me think that there might be a possibility of a rootkit getting installed on the computer. I have therefore downloaded Sophos antivirus and have been running a scan ever since. And it has reported that my computer is clean. Now considering the stealthy nature of the rootkits, I am still a bit hesitant of using the computer for opening my emails.


      Can anyone who has expertise of the rootkit detection advise about it.


      Also I did try to find more about that bit.ly link. And found out that it belongs to a bit.ly account tshirty. It looks a little dodgy. Also during my investigation of it. I did come across a facebook account by the tshirty. But am not fully convinced.


      Kindly advise what you think about it.