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    Confused about Artemis I'm collecting

      I have the Dell Mini which does not update McAfee well. Normaly I have to un-install / re-install. Windows XP OS
      I now found Artemis the Trojan. McAfee quarantined Artemis.
      I am unable to send remove or do any thing else with the Quarantined file.
      I tried removing it by using instructions I found on McAfee Forum. Which did not work.
      I Downloaded SuperAntiSpyware and removed everthing it said needed to be removed.(AntiSpyware removed everthing but Artemis and Caused System error.)
      I re-scanned(long scan)McAfee said no threat found...SuperAntiSpyware said no more threats.
      I do still see it listed in the Quarantined box on McAfee.
      Is it just this crummie little Dell Mini...or should I worry still?
      I can not send it to McAfee...or do anything else with it???
      I was told not to worry Artemis. But now each time I time another Artemis shows up in Quarantine I have collected 2 now...

      Confused...any ideas? Thanks