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    Zone index too big 64


      I'm seeing this error via control center ver 5.3.1. I believe there is a zone limitation of 64, but the newly added zones are not within control center and or deployed to our SideWinders with the applicable domain.


      Anyone seen this behavior, and if so, what was the resolve?



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          You are right, the zone limit is 63 (64 technically, with the 0=firewall zone).  My recommendation is you upgrade the CC to 5.3.2P04.  CC 5.3.1 is no longer supported; perhaps you're running in to some issue that is already fixed.  5.3.2P04 has a fix for the Bash Shellshock vulnerability also; this will not be fixed in 5.3.1 as it's not a supported version.

          If, after you upgrade to 5.3.2P04, you are still getting this error, I suggest filing a Support ticket and doing a remote session so we can see what's going wrong.