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    Dual boot: Linux win7, and windows is going for McAfee Endpoint Encryption; what to expect?




      I have a company laptop that had windows7 on it. I installed Debian on it that I use most of the time. I barely boot Windows (actually just to get the updates from the ICT) . I just learn that my company will push the McAfee Endpoint Encryption software for all laptops in a mater of days. If I understand correctly after it is done, I will no longer login at a windows login screen but at a McAfee login screen. The windows password and the McAfee password will become the same after the first boot. My question is what is going to happen with my Linux install and the mbr? Can I still boot my Linux after this? Is this push going to detect my Linux and do something about it? If I can't boot Linux, can I repair Linux install with a live CD without affecting this McAfee ad-on?

      I found some posts on the net how to cope with installing Linux on an existing windows with this endpoint Encryption software. I would like not to reinstall Linux. Can someone tell me if this push will change my partitions on the disk? If the partitions are not going to be affected, I think I should be able to cope with whatever this push will do... I have a full backup with partimage that I can restore anytime, just in case.

      Last question, the tools from McAfee are available for Linux as well? E.g. can I install something on Linux that will give me the possibility to mount the encrypted partitions? Or there is another way. If I need a file from the Windows partition I just mount and get it. I would hate to boot to windows just because I need a file... Can I run maybe the existing windows on the partition as a virtual guest in Linux with kvm?

      Thank you. I am a windows newbie, I start using Linux since 1996 (and Unix before that). Windows never got it right when I needed something to be done... It is too late for me to even try.

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