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    EPO System sorting


      Hi All,


      Currently testing EPO 5.1 & Drive Encryption 7.1 prior to a migration (from EPO 4.6 & EEPC 6.1)


      Apologies if this is a question that's already been answered but my search so far hasn't found an answer. I'm looking at System Tree sorting to suit installation of Drive Encryption on laptops. So far I've done the following:


      1. Created a System tree group called 'EEPC'
      2. Set up 2 subgroups under ‘EEPC’ for ‘Install & Encrypt’ & ‘Never Install’
      3. Sorting criteria applied to ‘EEPC’ for anything with the ‘Laptop’ Tag
      4. Under ‘Server Settings’ changed ‘System Tree Sorting’ to sort on each agent-server communication.


      The idea being that laptops should be automatically placed into ‘EEPC’ and then manually moved to one of the subgroups depending on whether we want to install drive encryption or not.


      My question is:

      If systems are automatically sorted based on the criteria/agent-server communication above – does this mean that they’ll move back to the parent EEPC folder after being moved manually to a subfolder? If so is it possible to work around this behaviour? I'm aware that you can disable system tree sorting on individual systems, but I would like to automate this if possible.

      Any advice appreciated



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          If you go to Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > System Tree Sorting, you can control how you want the system tree sorting to work.

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            Thanks for the reply - I'm aware of the server setting as it's currently configured to 'Sort Systems on each agent-server communication' - i want this behaviour as other, non-encrypted devices are likely to move in the system tree (we sort by IP Subnet for our sites).


            I'm looking just to disable sorting on laptops when they are placed into one of 2 system tree subgroups as mentioned in my earlier post. Hope this clarifies my question a bit better

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              Dont forget as well:


              Go to System Tree and to My Organization.

              Go to the tab on the right panel indicating Group Details.

              See the Sorting Criteria there? You can move things up and down, and you can do that in every Organizational Group or Subgroup (here is where you set the order basicly on what you want sorted first)




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                Worked out my initial query - manually dragging machines into a sub-group automatically disables sorting on that device (or at least it does on my epo 5.1 server - i get a notification to indicate as such)


                Maurice - your post did answer another question I was about to ask - I've now got my system tree sorting working so laptops are moved into a correct group based on the 'laptop tag' - many thanks

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                  You are welcome, that disabled part is default even if you use the "Move" option out of the menu.

                  In the past I used this system even on sorting into subnets that were assigned to sites.

                  What doesn't hurt is to create somewhere in a large subgroup a catch-all-others (in case you or the system missed something).

                  In my opinion this is one of the strongest points in ePO, as you can have the system auto sort stuff to where you want policies applied. (I think on Tagging the ePO 5.1.1. already has three default tags and picking up laptops besides workstations and servers as well. I could be wrong there as only worked with the Beta version of 5.1.1 to test new EPS 10).


                  Good luck (dont forget to document it somewhere if having a large organization as you will get easily lost in many sorting and tagging ),