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    ePO 5.1.1 - some run-now client tasks cannot be terminated


      Is anyone else experiencing the issue of certain run-now client tasks which cannot be terminated?

      I'm on ePO 5.1.1 (build : 357)


      I know that there was certain issues that were resolved in earlier versions related to similar symptoms ( McAfee KnowledgeBase - "Agent Deployment" server task does not expire when it cannot reach the client computer )

      but those are meant to be resolved in 5.1.1?


      What I see are -

      on selecting certain client tasks in the server log - after seeing they've been running for 90 hours or some similar huge number... the terminate task option is grayed out:



      This does not apply to all tasks. For example - there were several Wakeup agent tasks that had also been stuck for many hours that I could terminate.


      The run-now tasks I'm currently seeing it for are 2 HIPS content updates, and one HIPS deployment (remove) task. I'll keep an eye out to see if its just limited to HIPS or if other products show up as well.


      If too many tasks become "hung" then I have to restart the ePO services to clear the backlog as server tasks stop running if you hit the configured maximum number of tasks.