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    Server task expire with no subtasks


      Kinda new to this, but here is my problem i am running ePo 4.6 and every time I select an object and click 'wake up agent' i get a get this


      10/7/14 2:23:08 PM    Started: Wake up agents 
        10/7/14 2:23:08 PM    Waking up one agent 
        10/7/14 2:23:33 PM    Completed: 0 
        10/7/14 2:23:33 PM    Failed: 0 
        10/7/14 2:23:33 PM    Expired: 1 
        10/7/14 2:23:33 PM    Wake Up Agents


      and when i look at the sub tasks it is blank. If i check the local computer that I am waking up, it shows that policies are being enforced, but the ePo shows it as expired. Does any one know why? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks