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    Stonegate SMC WebPortal Auth HTTPS Filtering


      Good afternoon!

      I have a Stonegate 1035 IPS with Web authentication for wireless clients.
      To request authentication, the User must access an HTTP page, otherwise the authentication page is not displayed.
      Is there any way to make the Stonegate request authentication for all non-authenticated users regardless of protocol?

      If there is a way to do this in HTTPS I'm already satisfied.

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          I'm not 100% sure about if this is possible as our documentation only talks about HTTP rules that can be configured to redirect unauthenticated users to BBA login page. But I think this could be done also for HTTPS if you configure TLS inspection client protection. The reason why TLS decryption would need to done is that redirection is done on inspection rule based on HTTP_Request-GET situation match and without decrypting the TLS, NGFW will not be able to see the HTTP data and GET request client sent.