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    mcafee stuck on scanning I how do I know if the patch will work for my security version.


      TThanks catdaddy....

      No I have not yet download the patch scanning @ 99% issue.  I notice that the patch (Doc ID TS102052)for VirusScan stops scanning at 98 or 99% complete is for affected Suites McAfee Windows Security Suites version 12.x.  When I look up what my version is I am seeing various versions:

      Internet Security Center Version 12.8

      Anti-Virus&Spyware Version 16.8

      Firewall Version 13.8

      Site Advisor Version 3.7

      Anti Spam version 13.8

      Parental Controls version 14.8

      Quick Clean&Shredder version 12.8

      Vulnerability Scanner version 2.8


      Does that patch work with my type McAfee Security Version??

      Please advise

      Also remember, my scanning maybe complete...it is still trying to scan and won't stop.