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    Serious hijacker/trojan problem

      Hello, all. I've had a rough day on the internets. I was browsing deviantart, and McAfee (I have the full security suite, virus, firewall, spyware, etc.) alerted me that it had blocked a Fake Alert Trojan, in fact the alert popped up twice. Soon after, the computer became sluggish and irresponssive. I restarted, and used the firewall lockdown feature. I scanned the computer three times with PCtools Spyware Doctor (which runs automatically when I start the computer) It discovered 13 infections of the FakeAlert Trojan then after a restart it disovered 14 more. I used Spyware Doctor to remove those, I will get to that in just a moment. At two points, the computer opened an IE window, once for some (I'm sure) fake auction site that an attempt to close spawned two seperate notification windows designed to keep you on the page). But that aside, after subsequent scans and restarts, it has not discovered the trojan again, nor have I had further pop-up windows. However, ever since I used the firewall lockdown, I have gotten an error message whenever I try to use McAfee to scan the computer. The message reads thus: "Scanning has encountered a problem from which it cannot recover. Here are the problem details: Error starting On Demand Scanner. When finished you will return to the home window."
      I also have found that firefox will not open... no error message, no pop-up, I just double click, the computer thinks for a second, and then just goes on about it's business. IE will not connect to the internet. I had IE7, and tried to reset it to the manufacturer's settings, thinking it might have been corrupted, and then even downloaded IE8, in case it was a problem with IE 7. I still cannot access the internet with IE. I can with Google chrome, I am able to converse with AIM, and I can ping websites.
      I have downloaded Malwarebytes' Malware remover, and I get the error message that I do not have permission to access this program EVEN AFTER RESTARTING INTO SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING. I have downloaded Super-antispyware, and the program seems to have shut down without finishing a scan of my computer, I downloaded hijack this, hoping to be able to get help over at their forums, and THAT program doesn't seem to run right. The only even moderate success I've had is with ESETs Online Scan, which found two "variants of Kryptik.AYV trojan" but deleted them. Even in safe mode, I cannot run any of these programs, even under administrator. I tried to get to tech support chat, but was unable to download the chat client, because I'm using Google Chrome. I am at wits end here, I've tried everything I could find in the forums and everything I could get from our ISPs advanced tech support (he was the one who recommended ESET) I don't have the resources at the moment to engage McAfee on the phone, but it seems like that might be the only chance I have! Can anyone help me? Additionally, I am hesitant to just do a system restore, because this isn't my computer, and I'm not sure what is invaluable to the owners of it and what's not.