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    Help needed!

      [SIZE="7"][/SIZE]Hi, I have a problem with my computer. Sometimes when I get a blank dialog box where I want to type in a password, I get a continuous stream of "x"s, I've replaced my hard drive, keyboard and mouse, reinstalled Vista and have done a full scan for viruses (which came up with no problems) but the problem persists internittently. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem and what I can do to resolve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated :eek:
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          Sounds like a hardware issue and not a virus.. Unfortunately, you've not told us anything about your computer.. Installed the latest service pack 2 for your Vista machine? Which version of McAfee do you have installed? Laptop or desktop? If a desktop, is it a USB keyboard, or PS2 keyboard? If a laptop, have you tried installing an updated touchpad driver to see if that helps?

          Hope this helps and let us know more.

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            Sorry for being so vague before. I have a 2 year old desktop PC with an AMD dual core processor and which runs Vista. I also use(d) a Microsoft wireless optical 6000 keyboard and mouse.

            When this problem started a few weeks ago, a friend suggested I might have a virus. I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled Vista. However, this did not resolve the problem

            I purchased a new hard drive and installed Vista on it again but I still kept getting the xs in the dialog boxes. I therefore replaced my keyboard and mouse with USB versions and everything was OK for a while then the problem started up again.

            I've done a full scan with McAfee which reported no problem, I then downloaded and ran Malwarebytes which also came up with nothing. I then downloaded and ran Spybot which fixed 19 problems on my computer last night. I haven't had the problem since so it's a case of wait and see if it happens again. I've received all sorts of advice from people i know who are totally baffled by this.

            I haven't been able to download any Vista security packs yet as several of the other Vista updates have failed. Another friend has suggested that my Vista DVD may be corrupted. Another friend has suggested the problem may lie with my USB ports, yet another thinks there may be a problem with my motherboard.

            If someone could point me in the direction of whether it is a hardware or software problem it would be greatly appreciated.
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              To get to the Vista SP2, please try this.. First backup all of your important documents to DVD/CD or flash drive.. Next, download the full Vista SP2 installer from the link below.. Download the file to your desktop, (you'll need a broadband connection because the file is fairly large). Once the file is downloaded to your desktop, then burn a copy to a CD for later use if necessary.. Once that's done, restart the computer and temporarily disable all antivirus and antispyware programs, then double click on the SP2 installer and run it. The "full" SP2 installer should update the computer without being online.

              http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=A4DD31D5-F907-4406-9012 -A5C3199EA2B3&displaylang=en

              If it installs correctly, it should fix the issues you're seeing. But a separate fix for the x's issue could be a simple change to a PS2 mouse and keyboard.. Give it a try.

              Hope this helps.