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    Inactive local receivers


      I'm just learning ePO, ESM, SolidCore, so bear with me if y'all would  


      I have three identical linux endpoints connected to ePO 5.1.1 and in ESM 9.3.0 one shows activity, the other two (as well as the ePO receiver) do not. The SQL2008 database name is in brackets [db_name] and I'm pretty much stuck in getting the other receivers to 'wake up'.   I have five alarms set, two of which are easy to trigger (ssh login and ssh failed login).  Intentionally failing a login on two of the non-responding endpoints do not produce a result within that specific receiver.  Any ideas/suggestions ?


      A side note, if someone has a link to an overall architecture schema as to how these three products interact, that would be awesome (and much appreciated).