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    unexpected error on Server Task Log "...SQLException ... datediff function..."

      1. Go to the Server Task Log.
      2. Enter my name in the "Quick find" field to limit the number if rows returned. 
      3. Change the "Preset" to "Last 30 days", because I need to check on the status of a scan submitted in mid September.
      4. Let the screen finish updating.  (no more whirly-doo-dad)
      5. Click on the scroll bar to make it scroll down one page of data.
      6. See the pretty whirly-doo-dad.
      7. Get Error "An unexpected error occurred." - "Error Message: java.sql.SQLException: The datediff function resulted in an overflow. The number of dateparts separating two date/time instances is too large. Try to use datediff with a less precise datepart."


      No data on the screen. (empty rows)


      Scrolling down another page gets the same error.


      Any Suggestions?


      Running McAfee EPO v4.6.