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    Add an app/website to a safe list


      My trial McAfee Virus Plus expired but it keeps marking games I download from WildTangent Games as Trojans. I'm trying to figure out how to add this gaming console as "safe" but I can't figure out where to do this at. I added it as safe to windows fire wall but it's still marking them as trojans.

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                          In your first statement you say your McAfee Virus Scan Plus has (Expired) ? Before proceeding any further, could you please elaborate more as to what type of Security Protection you have now? Your Operating System, and are you current with all Windows updates, to include Internet Explorer?


                           There are steps to remedy this issue, However it involves knowing your means of protection.




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            As far as I know an expired product will continue to run on a system, for a while at least, but the user probably won't get any updates. Adding an exclusion to the Windows firewall isn't going to make a difference if the McAfee firewall is still active. Turning off the McAfee firewall should enable the Windows firewall in its place (perhaps) but if McAfee is still on the system the user will then be plagued with popup windows saying the firewall is off.


            WildTangent has a mixed reputation. In the past it been accused of bundling adware and possibly spyware with its downloads, and it's not only McAfee that detects or has in the past detected some of its games as Trojans. This is possibly because of built-in features of the games, but I have too little information about that to comment further.


            See some reviews at WOT and SiteAdvisor for users' opinions -



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              I am fully aware of the Reputation of (Wild Tangent), actually that is elementary. The primary concern I have ,is the Op attempting to continue to operate it,s system with an (Expired) subscription. Or if the case may be that there has been another Security Application installed?


              Even then, the expired Subscription of McAfee needs to be removed. To go one step further, if there is no (Active) protection running at all, leaves one open to more infection creating all kinds of problems.


              Hence , is why I requested the above information, before proceeding any further.


              I must add, that your input should provide reason enough for why the particular Game/Program is being detected as such

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                My laptop came with a trial of McAfee and it expired, since then I haven't installed any other virus protection. It still works I'm guessing because it pops up if something is wrong with my computer and still asks for updates. My laptop just recently started identifying them as Trojans although I don't know why because the subscription has been expired for awhile.

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                  Hi kelleybelley99,

                                       Thank you for the info, I would advise you to immediately (Renew) your McAfee subscription (at your discretion of course) or obtain a Anti-Virus Application that is (Up to Date/Current) with the latest Dats/Updates. For as it is now, with the ever evolving threats emerging, you are not fully protected.


                                        By you saying it has been (expired for a while) causes concern.


                       Should you choose to (Renew) your subscription, the Link to customer Service can be found in the following Link:

                        McAfee Consumer Products - Types of Support  ( You can select Country)


                         Especially since you have been operating your system which is not current, I would recommend running the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool, please remember to add your Email address under preferences before scanning. I would Follow up by running the Latest (Stinger) read how to use.


                           Finally for a second opinion, I would run Malwarebytes (Free) Version only. To keep it free, do not accept the (Free Trial Offer/Or activate)  Then I would run the AdwCleaner Application. You can locate all of these Superb Free Tools and more in the following Link:  Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                           As you have read in above threads, Wild Tangent has varying opinions. Most importantly, please obtain an active Anti-Virus Application ASAP. In any case, your expired Subscription will need removing, before installing another Application. The following guidelines/instructions can be obtained in this Link:

                         How to uninstall or reinstall supported McAfee products using the Consumer Products Removal tool (MCPR)


                           Further more, last but not least refer to the following link to your issue with the Detections:

                          What To Do When McAfee Detects Software As An Infection - How to Submit To McAfee Labs & Appeal


                             Please post back your results, in case you may need further assistance. Of course Technical Support is listed with-in the above furnished Link as well.


                  Wishing you all the very Best,


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