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    auto delete AccessLog



      I would like to know how works the function of auto delete on accesslog file?

      I've enabled [auto deletion] and [Enable log file deletion if number exceeds] 1 files.

      I have a FTP server that has some problem and some times the push of accesslog.gz doesn't work... MWG must try more times before succeed.


      On Troubleshooting -> user defined logs I have this situation:






      and I have this Error on dashboard:

      Cannot push '/opt/mwg/log/user-defined-logs/http_log_.log/http_log_1410021431.log.gz' to ' etc...


      my question is:

      MWG delete the precedent file (http_log_1410020000.log.gz) only when has successfully pushed the last file (http_log_1410021431.log.gz) or is there a risk that MWG delete a log file that was not pushed?


      thank you all


      kind regards