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    FYI - Yahoo.com may have DKIM failure - DNS issue with SPF


      Sample failure from message audit report.



      Sender IP:


      Spam Score:0

      Timestamp Event

      2014-10-01 07:54:50 CDT Recipient Disposition: [250 Deferred; Mode: normal; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: yes; SPF: n/a]

      2014-10-01 07:54:50 CDT Message Disposition: [554 yahoo.com DKIM validation failed (Mode: normal); Backend TLS: n/a; Backend IP: n/a; Policy Set: Default Inbound]



      DNS test results

      yahoo.com.    TXT    IN    1800    191ms   

      "v=spf1 redirect=_spf.mail.yahoo.com"


      DNS QUERY: dkim._domainkey.yahoo.com

      QUERY STATUS: Unable to properly parse DNS TXT Record results


      dkim._domainkey.yahoo.com. 7200    IN    CNAME    rc.yahoo.com.

      rc.yahoo.com.        218    IN    CNAME    src.g03.yahoodns.net.

      src.g03.yahoodns.net.    276    IN    CNAME    any-src.a03.yahoodns.net.


      DNS QUERY: default._domainkey.yahoo.com

      QUERY STATUS: Unable to properly parse DNS TXT Record results


      default._domainkey.yahoo.com. 6915 IN    CNAME    rc.yahoo.com.

      rc.yahoo.com.        15    IN    CNAME    src.g03.yahoodns.net.

      src.g03.yahoodns.net.    135    IN    CNAME    any-src.a03.yahoodns.net.



      Target    spf.mail.yahoo.com

      Timeout Value    1 (default)

      Your Overall Score    Lookup failed

      Score Details

      Failed retrieving record type from a name server.

      Note that these results are obtained in real-time, meaning that these are not cached results.These results are what DNS

      resolvers all over the world will see right now (unless they have cached information).