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    SSL Cert issue on MEG 7.5

    Laszlo G

      Hi everyone,


      I just ran into a problem after upgrading a MEG 7.0.2 cluster to 7.5.4


      I first upgraded both to patch 3, 4 and 5 and finally upgraded to 7.5.4 keeping all config (instead of new install and restore config). Once the cluster has been re-enabled we have seen that some Gmail incoming mails were not appearing on the mail reports; we have made some tests and the self-signed SSL of the appliance has been corrupted and no TLS sessions could be open, but this happened only on the master appliance but not on the failover.


      Two days ago I had the exactly same issue with a MEG 7.5 virtual appliance freshly installed (no upgrade) and, after havin Jon S. from McAfee having a look at it, he saw that the problem was the SSL cert was corrupted.


      All these appliances have been installed using the 7.5.3088.102 (7.5.4) available at McAfee's downloads, could the problem be on this image at the ssl cert creation step? I have installed lots of MEG and it's the first time I have seen this.

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          Ryan Brady



          I have successfully used the image posted on the site for several installs without issues arising with the default SSL certficate.  You can try redownloading the image to make sure it isn't corrupted.  You can also test it on a VM with a default install and verify that the SSL certificate is OK.

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            Laszlo G

            Hi Ryan, in fact i succesfully installed two MEG (physycal and virtual) and failed with two other installs (physycal and virtual) but all with the same ISO image. As it never happened I didn't knew if there could be a problem with this ISO at the SSL cert generation process or if someone has had this problem before and maybe it's something that happens from time to time