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    Why does my McAfee Firewall and Protection turn of everytime I shut down for Updates and I need to reset it.?  My PC alerts me to Problem Solving and I constantly get that notice.  When I check McAfee everything is in red and I need to reset them.


      When I install any Microsoft Updates or anything that requires my lap top to shut down, when I bring it back up I get a PC Alert that my McAfee Firewall and Security is not on.  I bring up McAfee and everything is in Red and off.  It comes right back up each time I reset it.  I have no problems other than that, and absolutely love McAfee, but how do I fix that.  When I run Virtual assistance, nothing is found there.  Maybe if I would run Virtual Assistance before I reset it may be able to find that issue.  I plan to try that the next time I have updates installed.  Until then, anyone who has had this same issue, advise would be a blessing.