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    Login page error




      I have an error below the login page :


      AvertAlerts - Plugin AvertAlerts is missing dependency:scheduler 
      EPOAGENTMETA - Plugin EPOAGENTMETA is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt 
      issue - Dependency rs had initialization error 
      Notifications - Dependency response had initialization error 
      epolicensing - Plugin epolicensing is missing dependency:console 
      EPOCore - Plugin EPOCore is missing dependency:ldap 
      SITEADVMETA - Plugin SITEADVMETA is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt 
      PolicyMgmt - Plugin PolicyMgmt is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt 
      response - Plugin response is missing dependency:scheduler 
      VIRUSCAN8700 - Dependency EPOCore had initialization error 
      aramid - Dependency CommonEvents had initialization error 
      AgentMgmt - Dependency RepositoryMgmt had initialization error 
      GROUPSHD7000 - Plugin GROUPSHD7000 is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt 
      rs - Plugin rs is missing dependency:console 
      RepositoryMgmt - Plugin RepositoryMgmt is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt
      CommonEvents - Plugin CommonEvents is missing dependency:ComputerMgmt 



      I tested connection between EPO and DB with the config page on localhost web and the result is successful.

      I checked the xml files and noone is desappear or modified.


      When someone log,  they have an  error like : an unknown error appear.


      I joined the EPO log from orion and localhost.


      Any idea ?


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          Have you tried restarting the McAfee services? Have you installed any extensions prior to these errors or upgraded the system?

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            I restarted the services and server too. No Changes.


            Seems that we remove one ip (for backup) on a secondary interface. But the primary interface was keeping.

            After the problem, we make a roll back but seems no changes.

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              Can you provide the full orion.log? Also is that the full error message your getting on your login screen or did you cut and paste only some of it?


              Also can you check server\conf\catalina\localhost and make sure you have all the .xml extensions in there? Make sure you have scheduler, computermgmt, etc.

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                The error message I have on screen login is the complete one.


                I don't have scheduler, computermgmt...

                The problem I check with my backup and I don't have more xml file. Actually I have AgentMgmt, AvertAlerts, CommonEvents, deployer, EPOAGENTMETA, EPOCORE, epolicensing, GROUPSHD7000, HOSTIPS_META, issue, Notifications, PolicyMgmt, RepositoryMgmt, response, rs, SITEADVMETA, VIRUSSCAN8700.


                My version of EPO is

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                  Yeah it seems from the error message that you are mising the following .xml files from the cataline\localhost directory:






                  If you can look at a backup from when your ePO was running, you should have those .xml files in the catalina\localhost directory and be able to just copy them, restart the services and be good to go.

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                    I think ePO login error log which you posted its not complete. Go to ePO login window and select all and paste it in notepad.

                    Exact error will be displayed in last so paste here so I can help you.

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                      We find on backup the xml files missing. Only that

                      Thanks for your help.



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                        fradem wrote:


                        We find on backup the xml files missing. Only that

                        Thanks for your help.



                        Good to hear.