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      I downloaded something from a kinda sketchy website and when the "Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked" message, I decided to uninstall it. I click on remove, and it says "to let McAfee automatically remove these programs, click OK". So I clicked okay. Nothing seemed to happen for a while, then the popup appeared again. I did it again. It reappeared. This happened multiple times. It's still doing it. Had the program been uninstalled? Can I close the popup now? Help!

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          Hi potatobucket,

                            It would help immensely if we had the name of the (PUP) you inadvertently installed. For there are Removal Guides available. However, given this is not the case, I recommend that you run the Latest McAfee Getsusp Tool ( Please enter your Email address under "Preferences" before scanning).


                             Follow up by Running Malwarebytes (Free) Version only. DO NOT accept the Free trial offer/or activate. Finally run AdwCleaner to remove any remnants that were detected. Follow all instructions when using these Tools. Restarts may be required to completely remove all objects.


                             You can obtain all of these Superb (Free) Tools from the following link:Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


                             In addition, you may find these articles most informative: PUPs - Potentially Unwanted Programs - Basics




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            Hello, before you replied to this, I was kind of panicking and searched for something that could definitively uninstall it. I performed a system restore to 5 days ago (the most recent one). It did it's thing and now I'm using it. Should it be good now? Or no? It said something about files being unaffected, so is it still there? Or am I good now?

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              Please make certain you are current and up to date with all of your Windows updates/Add-ons/extentions, etc.

              Especially McAfee and there also has been a New release of Adobe Flash Player (  Keep that Link I gave you for future References,and read those articles. I think you will find them most informative.


              As for the (Pup) I would think you are good to go. Run a McAfee Full Scan to determine. Of course after you have the most current updates.


              Here is the link to update Adobe Flash Player in this thread:Do you have the latest Adobe Flash Player Version?


              All the best,


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                Yup, thanks for all the help! The link has been bookmarked and according to a scan, I believe I am good! Thanks so much!

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                  Glad that all is "Good In the Neighborhood" !

                  All the very best...


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                    Peter M

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