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    Two questions about backups on ESM?


      First question has to do with creating multiple backup schedules or a single schedule with multiple destinations.

          I have a customer which would like to keep a copy of their backups both on the box and on a network share.  The backups in question are just for the configurations, they don't want the data backed up for now.  Outside of using a third party application to move the files, is there a means of performing this function natively?


      The second question has to do with having the option in the backup config to overwrite the previous backup file.

         This customer has had a history of having to rebuild ESM machines frequently so they only want to backup their configurations, not the data.  In order to conserve space they don't want to keep a history of backup file.  Their preference would be to overwrite the previous backup.  Is there a means within ESM to accomplish this?


      Thanks in advance