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    PDStorage memory leak


      During the last month we saw an increasing use of memory within our PDStorage implementation.

      We found this by monitoring the PDStorage.getcurrentByteSize Property

      This leak is only in the memory on the machine. The PDs backup written to /opt/mwg/plugin/data/bucketmap/content every 10 minutes does not increase.


      If the Memory exceed the defined Max PDStorage size the  PDStorage is no longer able to store any values.


      After some investigations we found the use of lists seems to be buggy.


      If the TTL for a stored list is reached the variable will be deleted (as expected), but the memory will not released.....


      This is verified in and


      Since we use only "list of strings" we are able to avoid such failure by using the property list.ofString.tostring and store the result as string in PDStorage.

      After retrieving the value from PDS we use string.tostringlist for restoring the List of Strings.