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    ePO Transition & Upgrade


      Hi everyone i am using McAfee ePO 4.5.6 on a virtual machine ,windows server 2008 R2(x64) SQL2008R2,

      I want to upgrade to ePO 5.1 on a new physical machine(Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL2012 SP1)


      Please do guide me.

      my plan is to do the transition of ePO4.5.6 on to the physical machine(with same old host name and old IP)  using the article https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB71078

      the above article is to migrate ePO from a 32-bit system to a 64-bit system, i believe the article should be same for 64 bit to a 64 bit?.


      after transition on to a new physical machine, i will upgrad from ePO 4.5.6 to ePO4.5.7 and then upgrade to ePO5.1


      is this the right approach? please go guide me

      Please share article of the ePO upgrade(ePO 5.1)

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          Well I would say to just build your new ePO environment on the physical machine, and then migrate everything from the old > new; but running 4.5.6 doesn't allow you to do certain import/export things as 4.6+ does.


          Basically you could at a high level:

          1. build your new ePO

          2. add the new ePO as a registered server in the old, share the security keys

          3. export from old your policies/tags/tree/queries/etc and import it into the new

          4. migrate machines from old > new

          5. configure the rest as needed

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            Thanks alot for the reply,

            I have more than 1500 computers connected to this ePO server and i am not using default port numbers, I am using 9081,9443,9444,90

            will it be any issue, will epo allow me to change ports during the installation as i have not seen the ePO5.1 setup.

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              I migrated over 10k+ machines recently; built a new ePO server and then slowly migrated everything as noted.


              If you go to Menu > Configuration > Server Settings > Ports, you can setup the ports for communication.