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    Install VSE 88 Patch 2 when Patch 4 is Current


      Good day,


      ePO server version is 4.6.8.  I have VSE 88 P4 installed as the current patch, set up so off-network systems get it when they log into the network.  I have other systems still at 88.0.777 which need Patch 2 before they can update to patch 4.  Patch 2 is in the Evaluation branch.


      Tried creating a deployment or an update task so I could run a query for the old systems on a schedule and update them to Patch2.  Unfortunately, the deployment task does the whole VSE install and the update task does not allow you to choose what branch to use for the update.  Agent version is 4.8.1500


      Ran a query to pick out the systems and set up server task to run a client update task.  The task showed as completed, but the systems still showed up as versions even after a complete Agent update was requested.


      Any suggestions for a workaround?  Management won't allow an Agent Handler for off-site systems, so I'm limited to updating these systems when they are back on the local network.




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          First open Software Master Repository page Change the Patch 4 Branch from Current to Previos.
          (Action Column Change Branch option)

          After changed branch to previous, check In VSE 8.8 Patch 2 package.

          And use these settings when you check In VSE 8.8 P2


          (If you choose "Add this package to .." option, your global update list now contains P2 package. If you don't want to change global update list, you may not choose this option)


          Now when you create a task and choose Virusscan Enterprise, you will use VSE 8.8 P2 package.

          After you update all clients to P2 you may set P4 package as Current.


          P.S. You may use P3 package too.

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            Or you may use VSE880LMLRP3.Zip (Check in Previous branch) and create a deploy task for non P2 clients.