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    How do I get rid of Musrunafm visatl studie 2010 (olqoi.exe)


      I found this running after one of my kids got a EZ ticket saying that they needed to get the doc. and pay the fine. They clicked onto the the thing and a zip file with a doc was downloaded, they then clicked onto the zip and nothing happened, or so they thought.

      Now I have this program running from 1 to 5 of them running eating up CPU and people talking coming out my speakers.

      When I open task manager I see 1 to 5 of the following item running Musrunafm Visatl Studie 2010 and in Details 2 to 5 olqoi.exe are running.

      I found which folder its in and tried to delete after I ended the processes in task manger and it just comes back.