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    Admin delegation on system tree ( dangerous ? )


      I have 14 thousand systems to deploy, and need to delegate admin activity.

      I create a tree like :


      My organisation

         | Sub folder  A

         | Sub folder  B

         | .....


      Then i create Admin-A with right on tree "Sub folder A" ; Admin-B on "Sub folder B" , and so on.


      The only right i found is " System : Actions : Modify system and group "


      But in this case :

           Admin-A can delete his own root tree "Sub folder A" !!  and by the same time uninstall all McAfee agent of this node !!!

           I trust on my admin, but not so much.


      I would like :

           * Admin-A able to create sub folder , manage system in sub-folder ,  under "Sub folder A"

           * Never be able to uninstall any McAfee agent. ( can supress system , but if the agent is alive, it will register again next refresh )


      Have you a way or any idea to do this ?

      Thanks in advance