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    security issue


      What kind of problems can someone who has hacked you network cause on my PC ?

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          Peter M

          Lots of damage if they've got past passwords.  Change your network routers encryption codes/passwords,   Run a few tools to maie sure you have no malware onboard such as RootkitRemover, AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes Free all linked in the last link below.


          Change all your passwords online and in your machine.


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            to be more specific someone hacked our wifi router idk if thats that same thing as what i said in the question "hacked our network".so far he has changed the password on the router, limited the connection. when we restarted the router and change the password again he did the same thing again, now he's letting us use our router but he is still connected to the network. so can he steal information from my pc and use this to hack for example my facebook ?

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              Peter M

              If you are using the highest encryption and have a complicated new pass-code it's highly unlikely it would continue.  In any case McAfee software can't protect your router as that is outside your computer, so maybe best to post on a computer help forum.


              Are you absolutely sure they are using your bandwidth and not simply appearing in your network map as a wireless device in the neighbourhood?  For instance when I call, up my network map I can see my apartment building neighbours and even the business across the street, but they aren't connected to my router, simply are detected as broadcasting wirelessly in the area and they are all using their own secure networks.


              I think you should perhaps call in a local computer expert to visit your place to check this out.

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                Without knowing specifically what router you have, it's hard to give good advice - you should look to see if there is a firmware update available for it though.


                Then you can hard-reset it, and then hopefully update it and change the password before they notice.