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    Directory Services Connector for SaaS synchronization issues




      I have ePO 5.1.0 Build 509 on Windows Server 2012 R2; domain controller is Windows Server 2008 R2. Ever since I set up the Directory Services Connector for my SaaS Email protection , the SaaS synchronization task deletes groups and systems from the system tree: all of the systems and groups that have been added since the last time the synch task ran.


      The task runs every hour and when it does, I see in the audit log two actions:

      1) Synchronize SaaS Systems

      2) Delete System Tree Group


      The sequence is the Synchronize SaaS Systems action starts and stays running 2 to 3 seconds after all of the Delete System Tree Group actions have ran. The Delete System Tree Group actions start 2 to 4 seconds after the Synchronize SaaS Systems starts and repeats for every system tree element (group or system) that I have created until only the system-generated groups remain.


      Directory Services Connector extension is version 3.3.0.

      Has anyone else seen this behavior and/or know of a fix?