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    eeadmin.assignuser - ePO.API.Explorer


      I am creating an powershell script that would assign specific encryption users to a specific machine.


      Using ePO>API.Explorer and according to parameters..

      systemNode =True (specific machine)

      nodeID = Computer

      dn = CN=user1,OU=users,DC=Company,DC=com


      However the command line I receive fails.

      https://eposerver:8443/remote/eeadmin.assignUser?systemNode=True&nodeId=computer &dn=CN%3DUSER1%2COU%3DUSERS%2CDC%3DCOMPA…


      audit log in Epo shows

      succcessful login but then

      User Name:administrator
      Action:EE - Users
      Details:Unknown exception, please check orion.log
      Start Time:9/25/14 12:35:13 PM CDT
      Completion Time:9/25/14 12:35:13 PM CDT


      Orion log shows ...

      2014-09-25 12:35:13,940 ERROR [http-8443-Processor8] command.AssignUser  - Unknown System ID

      java.lang.Exception: Unknown System ID

      at com.mcafee.epe.core.command.UserAssignmentCommands.getNodeName(UserAssignmentCo mmands.java:297)



      What am I missing? Is System ID not linked to nodeID?