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    McAfee Rip off


      How many of you have been ripped off by McAfee auto renew? Deducting fees from expired credit cards? Want to join forces and do something about it?

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          The auto renew can be turned off by logging into your online McAfee account. If you have been charged a renewal and it has been within 30 days of the renewal you can request a refund by contacting Customer Service.


          I have seen this with all of the software companies as it is written in the EULA that is disclosed at the time of installation of the software. The majority of the customers do not even read the EULA agreements.


          Tom K3TG

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            Auto-renewal was advised to you if you had read the terms of service when you first subscribed and in any case it can be turned off at any time by you by going to your account page.   You can also ask Customer Service for a refund, they will gladly refund any charges that you feel weren't valid, but remember you agreed to it when you clicked I Agree in those terms, no doubt without reading them.   Companies in North America also have a totally legal arrangement with credit card companies to allow a card to be updated when it expires.

            There's nothing illegal about it.   Now of course many may find the practice undesirable but that's a question for law experts and your local government representative.

            I'm only a volunteer here, a customer like yourself, so have no axe to grind.   However, as these forums are hosted by McAfee for user-to-user help with products, this isn't the place to discuss actions to take against them or any corporation for that matter, better post such content on an independent forum.


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              Yes you are correct in saying most people do not read the EULA so I would expect a company like McAfee which is supposed to be all about "protection" to put this at the forefront. Guessing you work for McAfee? Don't lie!


              Also I tried to cancel my renewal but when I was sent an email saying my credit card had expired and I needed to update with my new details I didn't go hard out. Seriously who knows that a company can have an arrangement with a credit card company to pass on your new credit card details? Seems criminal and my Bank is supporting me on this.


              I have also spent more than an hour - more like 2 on the phone to a call centre in India. I have nothing against Indians but would love to speak to someone in my own country - especially when I call a local number - where my first language is also theirs and there is no delay on the call as happens with international calls. More proof that McAfee is ALL about money and NOT about customer derive and satisfaction.

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                I have read many of your responses and find it hard to believe you don't get some kind of kick back from McAfee. McAfee was "protecting" a redundant computer I originally had while living in Australia for three years while I was living in HK. They have admitted that I wasn't using their "protection" yet were still happy to bill me. Why send an "update your credit card details" email if they knew they didn't really need them? Seems VERY underhanded and unprofessional. Ok they may have been acting within the letter of the law but surely customer satisfaction is paramount to a successful business.

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                  I assure you we are both volunteers here.   As a retired person I find it's a good way of filling in the time.   I agree it's annoying but all you have to do is phone Customer Service, the link is in my signature in the post above.

                  As Tom said, it's a common practice nowadays.  Unfortunately some would not agree with it but it's perfectly legal.   I try to keep tabs on all my various subscriptions for that reason which isn't always that easy I must admit.

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                    Try customer service



                    If you have any issues getting a refund post back and we helpers here will see if we can help using our contacts.

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                      Hi donnasteur

                      Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please Contact Customer Service department and provide your valuable feedback. Please post back the Service Request number so that I can follow up with the concerned.

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                        Ex_Brit wrote:



                        As Tom said, it's a common practice nowadays.  Unfortunately some would not agree with it but it's perfectly legal.   I try to keep tabs on all my various subscriptions for that reason which isn't always that easy I must admit.

                        Personally I love it - My card gets cloned a lot because I travel all the time - I must have had 5 different numbers this year alone. If it wasnt for the "follow me" feature the card providers offer I'd be changing all my subscriptions monthly..


                        This week my Towboat US coverage automatically renewed from a card probably 5 numbers ago - Goodness knows how I'd feel if I broke down and they told me "You don't have coverage because you forgot to update your credit card number".


                        As you say though Ex-Brit - it requires you to be responsible and cancel things you no longer want. Setting up a subscription on a credit card is the same as setting up a direct debit to your bank account - it's not the "physical card number" which is important, it's the account number.


                        I guess the credit card companies have not really educated consumers as to that fact - even though it's obvious if you think about it - most if not all credit card companies allow you to have multiple cards linked to the same account.


                        And of course, people assume buying something on the internet is a one-time event, when in fact it's only as one-time as the vendor wants it to be - once they have your card details there's nothing other than law and reputation stopping them processing as many transactions as they want.