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    Local disks in VM




      why is it not possible to use local disk as Storage Pool in the virtual ELM?


      the CIFS and NFS in not recommended by McAfee PS ( ! ), it is only recommended for backup.

      what can I use for long-time storing?


      and an another question: how can i attach the recommended ssd partition to ELM12 (it is also a problem with receiver)

      which is recommended by this KB:

      https://kc.mcafee.com/agent/index?page=content&id=KB82516&actp=null&viewlocale=e n_US&showDraft=false&platinum_status=fal…





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          Actually for ELM VM the only option for external storage is ISCSI.


          Regarding the SSD drives this is the LUN provisioned on your storage and then presented to the VMware on which the ESM is deployed.

          I believe that there are some software/performance issues when you configure CIFS and NFS on VM's and that's why it's removed.

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            Hi, thanks for reply.


            I know, that the only option is the iSCSI, but i can't understand, why.

            Our costumer has SAN, not iSCSI, because of the performance.


            The common way to add storage to a virtual environment is attach new virtual storage,

            not using some network protocols... For the OS it is like a local disk. I can't understand, why it is not usable.


            Regarding the SSD drives:

            the ovf template supports only one FIXED size partition, any other partition cannot attached to the VM without "hacking" it with linux tools.



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              Just because i'm curious can i asked you what was the argument for not storing the data on NFS or CIFS?


              You should be able to do it also i've seen cases where it is being used as external storage.


              The SSD is not for Log storage but for the actual ELM VM.


              SO if you have a SSD LUN you can deploy the actual VM on it



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                Actually my Mistake sorry as Storage system only ISCSI, but you have the option for CIFS and NFS, if it's in the interface it should okay to use it.