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    How to decrypt the harddisk which is not getting recognised by A4M file management option?


      My friend's laptop was working fine but fine morning when he boot his hibernated laptop, he gets a blank screen with some EEPC error, so i suggested him to use the EEtech and decrypt the harddisk but in the decryption process when he click on REMOVE EE button after authenticatiion and authorrized, the screen got hanged and didnt move any further so, he just restarted the system after that i suggested him to use A4M  option to backup the data, but when we reboot the system for the second time the A4M file management option is not recognising his harddisk itself. Even he tried to connect that harddisk to a another system as a external disk but still the harddisk is not recongnised..

      But when i check the disk information in EEtech recovery window, it detects the harddisk as disk 0