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    Network DLP Prevent - Postfix integration



      I've a problem to ask you to resolve if possible. I tried to search a thread like this in the community but I've had no results.


      I've a DLP Prevent and a Microsoft Exchange 2003 mail server. I know that Exchange 2003 cannot act as a MTA for DLP Prevent because it doesn't meet "Requirements for configuring MTA servers with McAfee DLP" (Page 33 of McAfee Data Loss Prevention 9.3.2 Product Guide Revision A)


      I would like to ask if I can use a Postfix server with after queue content filter (Postfix After-Queue Content Filter) and header_checks as external MTA (like following scheme)? Is there a best practice to do this?


      Client ---> Exchange 2003 ---> Postfix----> .....



                                                  DLP PREVENT


      Thanks and best regards.