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    ePO Rollup


      I have an ePO server in an isolated network.  I have another ePO server networked.


      Is it possible to manually rollup event data from the isolated ePO server to the networked ePO server?

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          Yes it is possible, You have to register isolated ePO as registered server in Networked ePO. You need sitelist.xml and SA account details of isolated network to make as registered server.

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            Great - I know how to do that but then how do I manually update the event data from the isolated ePO to the networked ePO

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              You can do it through ePO server task on Networked ePO by selecting as Action : Roll Up Data.

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                Hi ansarias,


                Please could you clarify the above?  As far as I know, the Roll Up Data server task requires a network connection to the databases it is rolling up from, which it cannot have if the target server is on an isolated network.  Indeed, the Roll Up Data server task requires a registered ePO server, which it will not have as the registration process would fail due to the target server being on an isolated network...

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                  As a quick aside, following on from my comment above, I cant think of a situation where you would want to roll up data from an isolated ePO server - the network is isolated for a reason.  That said, there are always weird scenarios out there, so there is likely a valid reason for this desire :-)

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                    We have multiple isolated networks with multiple ePO setups that are rolling up to a centralized ePO mothership. All you need is ports 80/443/1433 open from your central ePO to your isolated network ePO.


                    Yes, this method DOES require minimal network connection between the two. Otherwise you cannot rollup data between the two through automatic ePO methods.


                    If you want to do it a manual way, it would require some SQL magic. Basically, the rollup job takes whatever specified events/computers and puts them into the ePORollup_* tables. Basically you would have either copy the DB or create some queries to have a manual process of doing this.