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    Invalid Time Zone Bias issue, following KB75730 but need help please!


      One of our laptops - Vista 32 bit with Endpoint Encryption 6.1 managed by ePO is not loading the EE login screen on boot, instead showing:


      McAfee Endpoint Encryption

      Fatal Error: [0xEE00000E] Invalid timezone bias


      I'm following the KB from: Knowledge Center - Endpoint Encryption Fatal Error [0xEE00000E] invalid time zone bias and am trying to perform an Emergency boot Knowledge Center - How to perform an emergency boot with the Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.x EETech Standalone boot disk but the instructions there do not load: Knowledge Center -


      Therefore I'm using Windows 7 client to create a Win7 PBE disk, but having issues with the instructions ( eepc_620_eetech_user_guide_en-us.pdf ) being vague and not actually telling you what to do explicitly. Currently stuck on the line "Copy the following EEPC files into the image from the Win32 folder found in the build." What build? I've searched for the files but can't find them either on the Win 7 PC I'm using to create the PBE, or on the ePO server.


      So basically, due to the unbelievably complicated process, I'm stuck at step one. I need to get documents off this laptop urgently - it unfortunately broke just before we were able to back up the documents to the server.


      Any help gratefully received - do McAfee employees help out on here, or is it worth escalating to them directly?

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