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    Process, Folder & File Exclusion?


      Hi All,


      I'm a long time McAfee VSE & ePO admin; but recently started using McAfee Total Protection at home & wondering if there is any way to add Process, Folder & File (with wildcards) exclusions to the real time scanner?

      The only thing I've come across was single file exclusions; but no way to specific processes, folders or use wildcards in the file exclusion like you can with VSE.


      Am I missing something? Or is the product really just that cut back/simplified?




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          Full exclusion ability was removed from the Consumer software about 10 or 12 years ago as it was proving to be a double-edged sword with some foolish people practically destroying their machines and those of people connected with them due to them forcing the software to ignore obviously dangerous files and then turning around and blaming McAfee.   So to protect consumers in general that ability was removed, except for PUP detections, which aren't usually malicious, that has always been available.

          SecurityCenter v13.6 and higher has reintroduced limited File Exclusion in addition to PUP detection, but anything malicious will still be prevented from doing damage.   There is no wild card exclusion, sorry.

          You can tell the version by opening the software and clicking About at bottom right.

          VSE has always had full flexibility because it is used primarily in the Business environment.

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            Bit of a late reply here, sorry...


            Thanks for the confirmation on that. Its a bit of a shame things had to be simplified so much for the consumer market.

            I do really like some of the other functionality of the home software; but it'd be nice to be able to have more control over the AV scanning side of things. Though I do understand why it was made more simple.


            The exclusions I wanted to put in were less about false positives & more about performance considerations. (e.g. I don't want it to scan my ISO or VMDK/VHD files directly)


            Actually had to stop using the product for now anyway, as my work VPN stopped recognising it as a valid AV after a recent McAfee Update... Waiting on that to be addressed & i'll probably switch back as I did like the product overall.

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              The software has changed since this thread started and there are now some exceptions allowed, but only if they are detected as possibly unwanted programs, or PUPs if you want the acronym.


              Otherwise the procedures in that link still apply.


              There are just too many risks out there and many customers continue to practice unsafe downloads, surfing etc. so I very much doubt if the consumer software will ever get full exception capabilities in its real-time scanning.


              Too many people would end up with bricked machines and then most likely turn around and blame McAfee.