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    Why does Jive alter pasted links?


      If I paste a URL into a post Jive will attempt to replace the link with something related to the webpage that the link is intended for.


      Sometimes this is useful, but then again sometimes what Jive replaces the link with is distinctly unhelpful or uninformative.

      Is there any way to override this replacement?


      Example 1 - here is a random link to a thread in this Community. I obfuscated the URL first to allow it to be displayed

      "https://community[dot]mcafee[dot]com/thread/73458" is replaced by Jive with

      McAfee install hangs Win8.1

      In this case replacing the message info with the thread title is useful.


      Example 2 - a link to BleepingComputer

      http://www.bleepingcomputer[dot]com/forums/t/549016/torrentlocker-support-and-di scussion-thread-cryptolocker-copycat/

      is replaced with

      TorrentLocker Support and Discussion Thread (CryptoLocker copycat) - General Security


      Okay, that one is reasonably descriptive, but doesn't really show where the link goes. All you can see is that it's a forum somewhere. And there are other examples where the text that Jive uses to replace the link gives no clue at all to the destination.


      If there isn't an override option for this, why can't we have a SiteAdvisor rating for external links displayed within the post? They can do it in Facebook, so why not here?